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TESTIMONIAL CENTRAL BOILER For the past 30 years we have heated our home using wood stoves and furnaces. Although our most economical source of heat, it was always a challenge to make the process as efficient as possible. The other challenge was regulation of heat, keeping it consistently comfortable without the highs and lows that some wood burning sources provide. After looking into the Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnace and seeing its capability and efficiency, we began to plan our next home heating upgrade to include a Central Boiler. The multiple heating application choices suited our upgrade and expansion needs. We initially installed the Central Boiler to heat the main house and hot water requirements. Our going forward plans of connecting a pool heater during summer months, as well as a newly constructed garage, were included in our selection of which model stove would suit our need. The Central Boiler chosen was able to meet all of our requirements in a very efficient manner. Central Boilers approach to our needs was excellent. They provided the most appropriate stove for our needs and assisted us in our planning. The conversion from our existing heat source to our newest heat source was done with minimal alterations, cost and disruption. Not only did they assist us in the planning and installation, but continue to assist and advise us moving forward. We appreciate the easy access to our dealer, and the prompt response to our questions and needs. The conversion from heating with wood inside our home to heating with wood outside using the Central Boiler has been a bit of a learning curve. Once we became more confident and competent in the new process, heating with wood has become much cleaner, more controlled, less work and much more efficient. We have been using our Central Boiler for 4 years now. With the new Central Boiler we burn 25% to 30% less wood, and save on hydro costs of heating our hot water. We live in a rural setting where installation is not an issue. I highly recommend the Central Boiler to anyone using or considering wood burning as a heat source. Its applications are varied and meet almost any heat source need. Ask your dealer for an assessment and whether the Central Boiler is suitable to meet your needs. Terry & MaryEllen MacNeill Willow Grove, N.B.
- Terry & MaryEllen MacNeill, Willow Grove, NB
Ben Vos, PEI
I installed the MAXIM 250 in the fall of 2010. It is being used to heat a 2000 sq ft garage at 5 degrees Celsius and a 3000 sq ft home at 22 degrees. I have found this boiler does an excellent job of furning wood pellets. The boiler burns very clean with little or no smoke at all. Since installation I have been burning different types of small cereals as well. It does a good job of burning these but there is more ash and a little more maintenance is required. The MAXIM runs flawlessly through the different settings and keeps the water a constant temperatures. No more cutting heavy blocks of wood and lugging them to your stove. Much easier on the back!! BW Stevens is a great company to work with, parts were delivered quickly and good support after purchase.
- Ben Vos, PEI